It’s time. With your help, we can make this happen.

It's time... to see the land transform and flourish.

A significant amount of requirement definition, design and engineering has occurred before and while the project plan was developed. We will assure adherence to the plan and will make sure all project deliverables meet the user and functional requirements to the best of our ability. We are emphatic about the need for regulation and responsibility associated with the design and implementation of our ultimate goal.

The Land

We have currently worked toward obtaining the property for the site of the Chardon Living Memorial Park. As seen on maps and designs we are working with the city of Chardon property and the Chardon School System to meet their respective needs and perspective.

We are currently accepting donations to design and build a first-class facility that will include the following:

  • A refurbished trail suitable for runners, walkers and hikers
  • Designed signposts, benches and plaques as tribute to the three victims that lost their lives, a dedicated space for the survivors and a plaque dedicated to the first responders
  • An outdoor fitness center with ADA accessible stations
  • An outdoor play center for children located on Chardon school grounds
  • A statue as a greeting to the facility which will include a map of the grounds
  • Connecting trails for the three venues above