It’s time. With your help, we can make this happen.

It's time... to acknowledge and learn.

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Who is organizing and running the project?
A great team of community volunteers that have responded and worked tirelessly toward this effort!
How much money are you trying to raise?
Currently we are estimating a goal $300,000. Help get us there!
How will the money be spent?
All donations are welcome and will be held until the final design and bidding process commences. This is an integral decision to ensure the accountability between community, project team, city and the end users.
Who is doing the construction?
The construction will be determined by a bidding process.
How will the contractors be selected?
The contractors will be determined based on quality of proposal, price and conformance to the technical specification and request for proposal documents.
Who will own and maintain the park?
The City of Chardon and the Chardon Schools.